Merry Chrismas – Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Best place to celebrate Christmas with your family in Ha Noi 🥂

Another Christmas season is coming! Like every year, this is a much-awaited time, when people put aside their busy daily routines, return to their families, reminisce about a year gone by, and prepare together for a coming new year.

This Christmas, Red Bean will bring you and your beloved family a Christmas supper in a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere that you will never forget.

With a delectable culinary excellence for many years, we proudly offer you two fine-dining menus made with the most premium quality ingredients, which will take your palate to the extreme.

With the first choice, you will experience something a little different from the traditional Christmas meal with dishes from the vast ocean. Inspired by the Italian Christmas meal “Feast of the Seven Fishes”, Red Bean’s talented chefs have created a 5-course meal with dishes like pan-seared salmon, grilled king prawns, seafood salad with green mango, and lemon sorbet, all harmonize together as one symphony from the ocean.

The second menu, on the contrary, you will enjoy the most delicious flavors from the ingredients on the mainland. Familiar and indispensable dishes during Christmas such as grilled turkey, pumpkin soup, Angus steak, or Belgian chocolate will be served, bringing you to an extremely “European” Christmas atmosphere right in the heart of Hanoi.

1.490.000 VND (60 USD)/person for the menu “Made by the Sea” and 1.690.000 (68 USD)/ person for the menu “Made by the land” (not including drinks) only on Christmas night 24th & 25th December.

For children: Spaghetti Bolognese, Cheese stick, French fries and Coke 350.000 VND (14 USD/pax)

Special offer for early birds booking before 10/12: discount 10% off

What are you waiting for? Make your reservation TODAY for a memorable Christmas night!


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