Cherish your International Women’s Day at Red Bean

On this special occasion, surprise “half the world” with a date at an ideal culinary rendezvous – Red Bean restaurant. Marked by its luxurious space, which is both romantic and cozy, sophisticated and generous, Red Bean has become a familiar destination for gourmets on every special occasion.


Exclusively for International Women’s Day, our talented chefs have meticulously created 02 special menus with 2 different themes for you to choose from: a traditional Vietnamese-style menu as well a Western-style menu.


  • If you fancy the Vietnamese style, experience a culinary journey with extremely rustic dishes but with a little modern flavor with Salmon Steamed Rice Pancake, Grapefruit & Seafood Salad, Chef’s Lobster Soup, Grilled Cold Fish with Ginger Sauce, and Pearl Tofu Egg Custard.
  • If you are a fan of the fine Western feast, then honor your palate with Mango Salsa, Prawn Caesar Salad, Creamy Asparagus Soup, Grilled Angus Beef Rossini, and Belgian Chocolate Mousse.


Prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, each dish has a different, unfussy, complex character to conquer the most demanding connoisseurs. Let’s enjoy the taste of delicious food together, have intimate conversations, and save beautiful memories on this special day.


Join us now for an unforgettable International Women’s Day evening with your special one! 

1.250.000 VND/person (50 USD | not including drinks) only on International Women’s Day 💓

>> Click here to see full menu >>

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